• Orgin
    Chicago, USA
  • Genres
    Acid House

Distortion’s journey into the sound of electronic music would take place 15 years ago after he was given a mixtape by a fellow high school classmate. The music on the tape was the sound of Acid House mixed by one of Chicago’s most respected dj’s. He immediatley fell in love with this type of music he was hearing and was introduced into Chicago’s thriving underground party scene. As Distortion was getting deeper into the scene and the music, he would soon find himself as a regular dj at many of these same events he was attending as a partygoer. As a dj he would also broaden his musical tastes, playing everything from deep house to proper Detroit Techno. As the 90’s turned into the 2000 era Distortion would have played countless massive underground events and club nights on the same bill’s as Chicago heavy hitters and talent from around the globe.

In 2010 Distortion would begin hitting the studio hard with the intent of making his mark as a producer. In this summer he would release his first EP on Belgium’s Coincidence Records. The release would contain the acid track “The Sound” , in what would be a tribute to the music and city he loves so much. Spending the latter part of 2010 in the studio, it looks to be a big year for Distortion in 2011 with original productions and remixes due out on labels such as Connaisseur Recordings and Underground Noise.

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